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Power Hosting is a professional hosting provider, with high-performance hosting products, as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites. Our company's main objective is oriented to offering high quality shared and dedicated hosting services, server monitoring and management, systems and network security to our customers. We have strong knowledge and long experience in the web hosting field and our infrastructure is based on latest hardware and software technologies.

Our Story

Our company started several years ago as a project that was initiated by two system engineers, who worked together as top freelancers, for many clients and who wanted at some point to take a step ahead into offering their knowledge, passion and experience, to a larger number of people. Their partnership soon led to working with an even larger number of clients and finally to founding the company Power Enterprises. Since then, the company's growth was so fast that soon we had to hire more personnel, create dedicated departments and offer more and more specialized services.

Our Vision

Our main focus points are quality, security and customer satisfaction and, at a higher level, we are happy to contribute to the exponential growth of the information technology and the internet. We left the customer satisfaction at last on purpose, because one of our goals is to help our customers learn that service quality and data security are very serious and important matters these days and strictly respecting those, may sometimes make some of our customers feel that some of their requests or desires are not respected. We do respect our customers and we are doing our best to provide documentation and howtos, so that everyone benefits of a stable, secure and easy to use hosting service.

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Why Us?


At the heart of our company is a team of people made up of highly qualified professionals. We have experts in various fields like Unix or Windows system administration, routers and high level networking, hosting environments, control panels, etc. Power Hosting has attracted some of the best technical, engineering, sales, marketing, customer service and administrative personnel in the industry. All of them are highly trained to deal with various situations, from common tasks to systems failures and disaster recovery. Rest assured that your servers or websites are in good hands, no matter what may happen.


Is not enough only to know, but is also very important to like what you do, so you are motivated to become very good at that. This is why our business started with two passionate system engineers, that also looked for other collaborators having the same passion for the work that they have. In time, we have built a large team of people who love their work and also share that passion with the entire team and everyone benefits of this sharing. We like what we do and we do our best, so that our clients are also satisfied with our work.


Experience is another key factor that, together with knowledge and passion, guarantees a positive outcome. Is good to know what to do, but is always better if you did that before. All our team members have a long experience with various servers types, network configurations, hosting environments and security requirements and we are able to create the best conditions for our customers, to run their websites and also to keep their data secure. Our experience also helps when something goes wrong, to quickly detect and fix any problem, as we most likely encountered that before.

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Our management team is made of passionate professionals, with extensive knowledge in the hosting field, each having over 17 years of experience.

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