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Complete hosting solutions for everyone

Advanced hosting solutions for business websites, that are receiving high traffic and require high resources constantly

These are powerful packages, at about the same level with VPS servers, because they benefit of a larger resource pool and have higher power bursts

13.49€/mo (paid yearly)
14.99€/mo (paid monthly)
Business websites with constant traffic
Up to 250.000 monthly visits
Unlimited Domains
20 GB SSD Disk Space
Resources Level 5/10
Top Seller
25.49€/mo (paid yearly)
27.99€/mo (paid monthly)
Business websites with high traffic
Up to 500.000 monthly visits
Unlimited Domains
40 GB SSD Disk Space
Resources Level 6/10
38.49€/mo (paid yearly)
41.99€/mo (paid monthly)
Business websites with intense traffic
Up to 800.000 monthly visits
Unlimited Domains
60 GB SSD Disk Space
Resources Level 7/10
Do you need more resources? Check our Extreme packages.

All Web Hosting Plans Include

Most resources are UNLIMITED and INCLUDED in all plans.
Unlimited Logical Resources
Unlimited Bandwidth, FTP Accounts, Email Accounts, Email Lists, Databases, Sub Domains, Parked Domains
Optimized Software
Optimized PHP 5.X, 7.X, Apache, MySQL 5.7/MariaDB 10.X, PostgreSQL. INCLUDED CGI, PERL, CURL, GD, ImageMagick, Ruby, Python
SSD Disks, RAID10 storage redundancy, Latest Intel processing technologies, Fast ECC RAM, Dual Power Supply
The most powerful Control Panel with all of its features. Easy management of logical resources, secure access and usage statistics.
Over 400 web scripts at one click away (Wordpress, Joomla etc.). Install and manage your website in minutes.
Dedicated resources for each account. Resource limitation by LVE containers. Userspace security by CageFS.
99.9% Uptime. Free Migration to our servers, for cPanel users. Instant activation for payments made via Credit Card or PayPal.
We can install and configure most of the software that you may need, as long as they do not conflict with our existing configuration. Please let us know how can we help.
Automatic daily, weekly and monthly backups. Quick data restoration in case of disasters.
Developer Tools
We provide access to the most needed developer tools: GIT, SVN, Composer, NodeJS, SSH Access etc.

Services Included in all Web Hosting Plans

Our dedicated Power Services are by default INCLUDED in all plans.
Power Support
24/7/365 Support.
First ticket reply in up to 10 minutes.
Average resolution time: 30 minutes.
Live chat during work hours.
Power Security
Security Scanner able to detect infected files, as soon as they are written to disk and send Security Alerts.
A team of Highly Trained and Experienced people, specialized in Data Security, that are able to detect and quickly fix any problems.
Power Management
The hosting infrastructure is managed by our Servers Management Team, composed of Senior Sysadmins, that are permanently watching the systems behavior.
Power Monitoring
All our servers are monitored in real time by our Power Monitoring service.
Our management team receives instant alerts if something is not functioning properly.

Need more control?

Take a look at our reseller plans, which provide you a higher level of resource management and where you have the possibility of creating and selling your own hosting accounts.

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The web hosting may seem simple at its surface, but implies hundreds of software, from Operating Systems and firewalls, to web software or control panels and also various hardware. All these are operated by our specialists, who know exactly how they work and what are the best configurations, or the most appropriate actions to take whenever needed. All these are evolving quickly and we have to stay in sync with the new developments in this field.


We really like what we do here, in this company. Our work brings us joy and that is the reason why we offer attention to all the details and we are able to remain efficient even in situations of stress and tiredness, if these occur. We do not step back from difficult tasks and no effort is too big, as long as we do what we do with passion. In the long run, this leaves a good mark on the services quality and the customer satisfaction.


Experience is the last key ingredient in the recipe for success. There is no expert without experience, no matter how knowledgeable or passionate is. Each of us have at least 10 years of experience in our fields of work and we have encountered most of the common or uncommon situations before. There are not many situations that can come as a surprise for us and we are able to act quickly and efficiently, based on past experience.

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