Power Administration

System administration work

Administration services for your servers and network devices.
Prepaid work hours with significant discounts, for various administration task, to be used whenever you need.

  • Extra discount 20% for the existing clients and medium ongoing projects
  • Extra discount 30% for long-term clients and large ongoing projects
Power Administration
  • 1 included hour
Power Administration
PrePay 5
100€/h 95€/h
  • 5 included hours
  • 5% discount
Power Administration
PrePay 10
100€/h 90€/h
  • 10 included hours
  • 10% discount
Power Administration
PrePay 15
100€/h 85€/h
  • 15 incuded hours
  • 15% discount
Power Administration
PrePay 20
100€/h 80€/h
  • 20 included hours
  • 20% discount
Power Administration
PrePay 30
100€/h 70€/h
  • 30 included hours
  • 30% discount
* If you need larger prepaid packages or to request a quote, please contact us
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  • The Power Administration service is basically the work time, with a minimum intervention time of 0.4h, not included in another packet or service, offerred for an hourly fee and that is subject of periodic change. At this moment, the hourly fee is:
  • €100/h standard, which applies to new clients or in case of performing high difficulty interventions in a short period of time
  • The standard price can have various discounts, sometimes associated with some packages and services, as mentioned in their descriptions, in most cases based on the previous collaboration with a client, or if otherwise agreed, according to the size and complexity of a specific project. Examples of collaboration discounts:
  • €80/h for existing clients and medium ongoing projects (20% discount)
  • €70/h for long-term clients and large ongoing projects (30% discount)
Significant discounts are also offered when the client is purchasing a number of prepaid Power Administration work hours, which will be used later for various, mostly unforeseen, interventions, regarding systems administration, but can be also purchased before starting big projects.

The prepaid hours are meant for various projects that do not involve directly other packages or services and thus do not include, for example, the discounts offered in the monitoring or management packages. Those discounts, that are associated with other packages, will be applied at the end of the month, in the monthly invoice, to the extra hours needed for those servers.

The discount offered for the prepaid hours is added to the collaboration discount offered to the client, and are both applied to the standard fee.

For example, when an existing client, who starts with a discount of 20%, purchases 30 prepaid hours, which have 30% discount, will benefit of a total discount of 50%.

Power Administration

System administration is no less important than reliable hardware and software. Good administrators can get the best possible performance from both hardware and software, prevent most failures and also act immediately and do their best to solve any problem.

Many of our system administrators have more than 15 years experience in Linux, FreeBSD and other Unix environments, so it is unlikely that our experts can be confused by complex problems. In rare occasions, when something really new or highly unusual comes up, they hit the books and come up quickly with the best solution.

We are able to ensure a stable and reliable functionality of any system and software from single server to complex clusters and cloud platforms.
Main Services
  • The Power Hosting team can help you get the most out of your servers, mainly with the following categories of services:
  • Initial server setup
  • Performance tuning
  • System, network and application security
  • System and service monitoring
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Data backup and recovery
  • System maintenance
  • Cloud computing architecture
Common Activities
  • System administration includes a large number of activities, but the most common ones, that we perform on a daily basis, are:
  • DNS service administration (BIND, Power DNS, MyDNS, NSD)
  • Web service administration and optimization (Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, etc)
  • Database services, replication and clusters (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc)
  • Mail service administration (Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, etc)
  • System and service security (security audits, firewall solutions, custom configurations)
  • Backup management (save and restore)
  • Load balancing, WAF, auto-scaling and storage clusters
  • Cloud environments architecture and management (AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud, Azure, Linode, Godaddy, Digital Ocean, etc)
  • Web hosting software management (cPanel, Plesk, Webmin/Virtualmin, etc)
  • System verification and maintenance (updates, resource usage, logs verification, etc)
  • Monitoring work (installing tools, checking graphs and stats, responding to alerts)

Detailed Features

All the above can also be divided into two groups
Initial installation and deployment
  • Initial operating system setup, disk partitioning, LVM setup, boot configuration and special boot options where needed.
  • Installing and configuring operating system tools and software and associated patches or updates
  • Installing and configuring components required for a secure computing infrastructure (LDAP, Kerberos and associated PAM modules, WebAuth, etc)
  • Performing network configuration and verification
  • Installing and configuring system management tools.
  • Installing and configuring applications per special arrangement with the client.
  • Executing application installation steps that require special privileges.
  • Installing and configuring firewall software, ensuring proper system firewall templates have been applied.
  • Setting up backup jobs for files and databases, as required by the client.
  • Setting up basic monitoring software and probes (disk, CPU, memory, load, swap, ping, processes), as well as any more advanced application-specific monitoring probes, as agreed with the client.
  • System and software performance tuning.
Ongoing support
  • Provide and implement application monitoring services and tools for new applications.
  • For services and agreements that include emergency intervention, respond to monitoring alerts and client-reported problems 24/7.
  • For services and agreements not including emergency intervention, we respond usually during business hours, but sometimes is possible that emergency support will be provided when either the hardware, operating system, or infrastructure software is unavailable or the ability to use these resources is severely degraded. In this case, emergency support fees will apply.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve system-related problems.
  • Monitor vendor resources for any required operating system patches or upgrades
  • Monitor for file system intrusion (intrusion detection)
  • Manage hardware upgrades and warranties (disks, etc).
  • Monitor security advisories for operating system and infrastructure software, and take appropriate actions to safeguard resources.
  • Implement security patches as needed.
  • System accounts management (track accounts that are not used or show suspicious activity).
  • Root e-mail review for system status reports or other alerts.
  • Install security patches, upgrade software packages, and update system configuration to meet UNIX group best practices (patching every month, or more frequently as needed).
  • Firmware upgrades, where needed.
  • Maintain operating system and supported software documentation
  • System-level housekeeping activities, to ensure systems are operating at optimal levels.
  • Check periodically the overall system resource usage and also for each application and make recommendations regarding performance tuning or hardware and software upgrades.
  • Backup management. Save copies to local and remote locations.
  • Per client request, restore files that have been backed up.
  • Firewall configuration updates, as required.
  • Acquire and install SSL certifications, as appropriate.
  • Manage storage assets and disk space.
  • Perform problem analysis and come with efficient and cost effective solutions. Apply agreed solutions, as requested.

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