Power Management

Highest Levels of Performance and Uptime

Have your servers and network devices monitored and managed by our team and also benefit of immediate human intervention in case of emergency

Smallest Price
Power Management
85.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
89.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
Basic management & updates
Our team is taking care of your server
All Power Monitoring Plus features
24/7/365 Server Monitoring
Instant Email Alerts
Unlimited Monitoring User Accounts
Human Emergency Interventions
Initial server verification and hardening
Direct SMS contact for emergencies
Live RSS feed of alerts
2 hours of included intervention
OS security verification and updates
50% discount for intervention work
* Bulk Discounts
  • 5% discount for 5-9 servers
  • 81.49€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 85.49€/mo/server (paid monthly)
  • 10% discount for 10-24 servers
  • 76.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 80.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
  • 20% discount for 25+ servers
  • 67.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 71.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
Top Seller
Power Management
105.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
109.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
Advanced management & periodic file scans
Check for malware and keep your server clean
All Power Management Basic features
Intrusion detection
Periodic scanning for virus/malware
Automated virus/malware DB update
Automated malware and virus processing
Email notification for infected files
* Bulk Discounts
  • 5% discount for 5-9 servers
  • 99.49€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 104.49€/mo/server (paid monthly)
  • 10% discount for 10-24 servers
  • 93.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 98.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
  • 20% discount for 25+ servers
  • ‭82.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 87.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
Best Value
Power Management
134.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
139.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
Full management & real-time file scans
High level of security for sensitive data
All Power Management Plus features
Active real-time scanning
Manual malware DB administration
Manual malware and virus processing
Detecting and blocking attacks
Backup management
* Bulk Discounts
  • 5% discount for 5-9 servers
  • 127.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 132.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
  • 10% discount for 10-24 servers
  • 120.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 125.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)
  • 20% discount for 25+ servers
  • 106.99€/mo/server (paid yearly)
  • 111.99€/mo/server (paid monthly)


The addons can be enabled for all your monitoring accounts and can be used for all monitored servers.

SMS Addon

Our packages do not include, by default, SMS alerts for our clients and their staff, because there are rare situations when a network issue may cause fake alerts that we check and discard if not real.

And since we have eyes on everything, you might not want to be disturbed by another noise.

We will ask for your action if required.

However, if the client desires SMS alerts for him or someone else in the team, we provide the SMS Addon(*).
4.99€/month (50 SMS messages **)

Co-Branding Addon

For clients interested in having/offering our monitoring services under their own branding, if they have at least 5 servers that are using one of our services, we offer a simple cobranding. Simple co-branding means that we do not offer a different design, but only:
  • - monitoring page under their own domain name (Ex: monitoring.yourdomain.tld)
  • - notifications sent from an email address based on your monitoring domain (Ex: [email protected])
Of course, we can discuss further regarding custom setups, where possible.
49.99 (one time fee)
* The SMS Addon expires at the end of each month, regardless of whether the SMS messages were used or not, but we usually allow clients going over the limit if that does not happen too much or too often.
** If more than 50 SMS messages are needed for a month, more SMS addons can be purchased on a monthly basis.

Power Management Basic

This package offers full server management with 24/7 monitoring and human intervention in case of any emergency. This is the best value package and the most used by our clients.

Based on our experience, this package is the most recommended for a wide range of highly available and secure environments, because the monthly security verification/updates and 2 hours included intervention time cost much more than the difference of €40 per server for this package.
  • All the features included in the Power Monitoring Plus package listed below:
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring for your server including all important system services that are running inside your server, with access to all our custom database of verification plugins/modules
  • Instant email alerts for the client and/or any other person in his/her staff
  • Web accounts to our online monitoring system where the client can see graphs with the service status for a certain period (separate accounts in our monitoring web page for the client or other people in his/her staff where can be accessed the live status of each server and service)
  • For uncommon services we may most likely be able to build plugins that match your needs
  • Human intervention in up to 20 minutes in case of emergencies (our team receives SMS alerts for all problems)
  • Initial server verification and hardening (security updates, system security settings, etc)
  • Direct SMS contact form, that you can use to send SMS messages to our team for situations when you have a particular emergency related to the monitored server, that is not detected by our system (unlikely)
  • On request, a live RSS feed with the last 15 monitoring alerts, that can be used/included into third party management or collaboration frameworks.
  • PLUS
  • 2 hours of included intervention and server work in case of emergency alerts, per month. For the most emergencies, 2 hours of intervention time in a month, per server, is more than enough for alerts and monthly work, including basic maintenance and security updates. Usually if there is more intervention time needed, then something is wrong with your server OR service and other actions are required, such as upgrades, performance tuning, or in some cases moving to a better hosting company. This time does not cover any custom system administration request from the client, that is not related to security maintenance or a specific alert or emergency.
  • Monthly OS security verification and updates, usually performed at the end of the month, or more often for critical vulnerabilities. This also includes reporting and recomendations regarding newly discovered vulnerabilities, for custom services that we do not update without the customer’s consent, because such updates may affect service availability (Ex: Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc)
  • 50% discount for extra intervention work time that is paid on a hourly basis, at the Power Administration hourly rate for ongoing work. The hourly Power Administration rate is a subject of periodic modification and can be found here

Power Management Plus

This package offers an extended and very efficient protection for your server’s file system. It has all the features of the Power Management Basic package (all listed above) plus the following Level 1 file scanning/cleaning and basic intrusion detection.

Periodic file scans for malware and intrusions is a common sense measure on servers with many websites and users, where infected files can be uploaded frequently.
  • All the features included in the Power Management Basic package
  • PLUS
  • Automated verification of system files, for detecting security breaches or intrusions
  • Periodic scanning of all disks for virus/malware and intrusion tests
  • Periodic automated virus/malware DB update and automated addition of malware signatures detected in our network
  • Automated malware and virus processing by moving the infected files to quarantine
  • Email notification when infected files are detected, containing details about those files and recommendations on how to proceed

Power Management Pro

This package offers the best file protection for your server. It has all the features listed above plus the following Level 2 files scanning/cleaning by using highly efficient professional software.

These features are especially recommended for highly targetted servers, that are attacked often, because it is able to block 99% of the attacks. We can’t highlight enough how important it is to keep your server secure, in order to prevent the undesired cost of a server intrusion.
  • All the features included in the Power Management Plus package
  • PLUS
  • Active real-time scanning, meaning that there is a watch daemon, based on the kernel's inotify support and it scans a file's content as soon as it is written to the disk. If detected as malware, it is moved to quarantine immediately, before it has the chance to be used in any way
  • Along with the automated database updates offered in the previous package, we add here a manual malware DB administration and manual addition of rare and new signatures for malware detected by our security team on any of our monitored servers, providing an extra layer of security for highly targeted servers
  • Manual malware and virus processing, verification for the detected malware, quick manual restoring and whitelisting in case of false positives
  • Detecting and blocking attacks by automated (or sometimes manual) verification of security, firewall or main services logs for detecting and blocking attacking IP addresses, when their activity becomes aggressive. In the rare situations of extreme DDoS attacks, we offer information regarding more advanced solutions for protection
  • We ensure data security with backup management, which means installing and configuring backup software, set it to save data periodically to a location provided by the client and also periodically verifying saved backups
Are you looking for a cheaper option? Take a look at our Power Monitoring packages

Other things to know

  • We just need to install a piece of software in your server (monitoring client) and add your server info inside our system. All this process, the initial setup, is free.
  • We act immediately ONLY for REAL emergencies that we are notified about by the monitoring system or the client. We will start working on any other custom request from the client, in up to 24 hours, according to the number of tasks in progress, but usually faster. If you need some specific work to be done at a certain time, you should let us know and schedule it in advance.
  • After the initial setup, if you opted for a package that includes human intervention, you will not have to worry about anything, as our team will be there to take action.
  • For services that include human intervention, we will need access to your hosting account, so that we can use the hosting tools or quickly contact the hosting company support in case of problems at their end.
  • For the rare situations when we may need your input, or for some reason your action is required, it is highly recommended that you share with us your mobile number, so that we will be able to contact you immediately.

Why are we offering these services?

Based on our experience with most of our clients, in situations when something failed and action was taken too late, because either the issue was not detected in a timely manner, or people qualified to take action were not available at that moment AND also knowing that server and service uptime is one of the most basic things that should be guaranteed in order to have a good business, we thought of and decided to come with an ongoing solution for our clients and for such situations.

As you probably know, there are many online automate monitoring services, either offered by some hosting companies or by third parties, but automate solutions only cover few predictable situations or are only able to notify you when a problem is detected.

However, many situations are not predictable, and even though you know that there is a problem, you also need someone to fix it ASAP. Thats why human intervention is still required, at least until the artificial intelligence is able to take care of itself.

That’s why, few years ago, we have assembled a team, specialized in Linux/Unix administration, in order to be able to offer a simple and yet efficient 24/7 monitoring solution with fast human intervention, for the situations when something in your server does not work in normal parameters.
For this, we are using several of the best software available that are:
  • - able to provide many internal details of system and service status
  • - able to keep a very low resource usage fingerprint
  • - modular in design, so we can easily build/add new modules and add-ons even for services that are not common or do not even exist yet

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